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Salable Mystic ([personal profile] salable_mystic) wrote2010-08-07 12:35 am

where is all this creativity coming from?

Not that I mind. Do I look like I mind? I don't! La la la.

This one is a bit silly, though, I'm afraid, and a bit shmooopy.

Title: Fire and explosions might be included in this deal, but only incidentally so. Honest!

Summary: A "missing scene" from Sergyar where the Viceroy and Vicereine might or might not be discussing, one night, slightly drunk, to go out and set some vampire balloons on fire.

Warnings: uh, none? (Not beta read by anyone except me a couple of times, so blame any weirdness on English not being my native language. Or it being a lit late at night and me really wanting to post this. Or the red wine. Either works.)

Aaand a link to the story