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Not that I mind. Do I look like I mind? I don't! La la la.

This one is a bit silly, though, I'm afraid, and a bit shmooopy.

Title: Fire and explosions might be included in this deal, but only incidentally so. Honest!

Summary: A "missing scene" from Sergyar where the Viceroy and Vicereine might or might not be discussing, one night, slightly drunk, to go out and set some vampire balloons on fire.

Warnings: uh, none? (Not beta read by anyone except me a couple of times, so blame any weirdness on English not being my native language. Or it being a lit late at night and me really wanting to post this. Or the red wine. Either works.)

Aaand a link to the story
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I found a meme while cruising livejournal that sounds like it might be fun, so here we go:

1. Go through my fiction list and pick out a resonably long sentence from one of my stories. (So please no "'Hello,' he said.") All my fic can be found right here here.

2. I'll try to guess what story it's from (and, if you want, I'll give you some backstory or DVD-commentary for the excerpt).

3. If I guess wrong, you get to ask me for a drabble (character, situation, prompt word, whatever) in one of the universes I've written things in.

So, want to test my memory? (Multiple tests welcome. :-D)
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I've written a second installation in what it turning out to be a Surprise! series (surprise because totally unexpected) ... I've been plotting for a fic, and thus revisited the canon I want to base it on, and remembered once reading another wonderful closure fic that involved Cordelia and Mayhew and slippers, and there was this loose end that no one touches again in canon sitting right there, staring me in the face, and so, Surprise! series it is! I also fail at naming, not only fics, but also series, it seems, so I give you:

Destinies, Earlier and Later
Warning: Major Character Death
(does not come as a surprise if you read the series description)

Installation 1:
Cordelia's Barrayar

Installation 2:
Lunch Date

And now (help!) I want to go explore some of those earlier destinites. Who was the guy that talked Cordelia out of becoming a Captain, back before Shards of Honor ... etc ... . La la la, not listening!

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